Meet Sara!

Welcome! I'm honored and humbled to have you in my personal niche in CyberSpace :) I'm Sara and I'm known as the 'Artist by Birth…Freelancer by Necessity!' I'm the proud creator of three separate ventures pertaining to my three passions: Virtual D'zines, Sara's Super Stock and 4TwentyFashion.


Culminating over 10 years of freelancing experience in a variety of fields has given me the tools and courage to create something special that I can share with the world…Sara's Super Stock! Having an eye for non-traditional, visually stimulating items is something I take very seriously and am always on the lookout for beautiful, eye-catching accessories and gifts I feel should be shared.


So go ahead, be brave and add that colorful enamel critter to your scarf or inject some Crystal Bling into your mojo for envying eyes to adore! Whatever your eyes fall on, rest assured, I have personally inspected every item to ensure the quality and, I represent them accurately via photo's so you are getting exactly what you see!


I'm always open to Suggestions and Feedback so please feel free to message me anytime :) Thanks so much for stopping at the 'Stock'…Bookmark Now…There is Soo much more to come!


For an Up-Close and Personal look at 'Me'...visit my Savant Artist Experience :D