New Collections...New Ideas!

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New Collections...New Ideas!
Greetings Super Stockers! I’m tickled pink with the notions of Summer Surprises and Hot Steamy Tidings :D In lieu of what’s in store I’ve decided to create some New Collections. Two in particular encompassing the spectrum of prices, here at Sara’s Super Stock. The first collection is the...
Parrot Pin
Finer Faux Fashion. I want to cover a wide range of Eye-Catching Items...Ironically My own Eye tends to travel to the Finer Things...but my wallet seems to lag behind :) What to do...What to do. I’ll just start a little at a time! Some of the Absolutely Fab Items You’ll find in the Finer Faux collection include Genuine Gold-Plated Parrots smothered in Rhinestones and Platinum-Plated Jewelry Sets...and So Much More To Come!!
Ten-Dollar Treasures. Celebrating the best of Faux Fashion for a Flat Tenner! Gorgeous Embroidered clutches and a bevy of Flattering Pendants are a few of the Items that are Perfectly Priced...especially with FREE Domestic Shipping!!!
Embroidered Cluth
I’ll soon be coming up on my first Year Anniversary so stay tuned for whatever May Be Coming!!! As always...I am Humbly Indebted to You :)

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