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When I look at the World today I see and feel a lack of 'connectedness'. Everyone is hustling along with their busy lives, focused on their Family and Careers, basically sticking to the same Life Lane they see stretched before them...blind to the Beauty that rests just on the fringe. By removing the blinders that today's environment has emboldened us to wear, we are now free to experience Positive Visual Stimulation and the effect it can have on our Psyche.
Regardless of the fact it sounds...questionable...I know how I feel when I Observe something that stands out...a certain color embedded in the mundane...the natural geometric shapes that comprise something unusual...even an expression on a strangers' face...something will Catch My Eye or Pique My Curiosity for just a moment. And in that moment...I feel Connected. Whether to an Animal...another Human...or to the Universe itself...I AM Connected.
Positive Visual Stimulation.
I Create Colorful Chaos. I Invoke Positivity...Or...I Try to anyway. If You look at something I've created or shared, I want You to Feel Inspired. I want You to feel happiness when You look at My Art...and I want You to feel joy in any purchase You may make from me. Whether it's the Sparkle of Rhinestones in the Wings of a Butterfly, or the wry grin that comes with a Funky Skeleton KeyRing...If You're Happy...I'm Ecstatic!
I intend to TrailBlaze My Dreams...and the only way I can accomplish this is by Serving You above & beyond in Satisfaction. I want Sara's Super Stock & Virtual D'zines to meld into Something Phenomonal...Something that represents Me...My Personal Legacy...My Mark On The World.
So I Warmly Welcome Everyone into My World...Welcome to Sara's Super Stock and watch for the subtle inclusion of Virtual D'zines...I Humbly Thank You for allowing me on Your Screen...and hopefully in Your Home :)

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