Super Stock Story

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Super Stock Story
So What’s so special about Sara’s Super Stock anyway? Who the heck is Sara and Why on Earth is She Selling all this Great Stuff? ;)
I’ve had close to 50 jobs in my life from Hospitality/Casino...Office Work...Culinary...I’ve even sold Kirby’s Door to Door! Then Life kinda bit me in the butt and told me to Slow My Roll...So I started doing some Freelancing Gigs from home...You know the ‘Get Paid to Read Emails’ and ‘Send me a Buck I Send You a Buck’. Til I figured out how to find the legitimate sites I was learning everything I could lay my hands on. Eventually I became proficient at CopyWriting...Marketing...Some Website stuff and even Social Media...Working from Home became my way of life...hence my newest tagline ‘Artist by Birth...Freelancer by Necessity’.
Then not too long ago my Dad popped an Idea into my Head along with some Basic Information and I took a Gamble. At first I just started playing around with local Facebook Tag Sale pages and actually did very well. I thought it would be Cool to put all the Awesome Stuff I find in One place accessible for everyone...I didn’t want to just concentrate on one item but share a little of Everything I think is Really Fab! Tack on the name Sara’s Super Stock almost as a Chuckle...and suddenly something Wonderful was Created...Taking even Me by surprise :)
I discovered I enjoy connecting with people I never thought I would connect a World I never thought I’d step into. I Never in a million years thought I would be having so much Fun and Joy simply by creating something...All from Me. My Words...My Ideas...My Pictures...and every day I strive to learn something New so I can implement it to become That Much Better!
To be honest...I’m Totally Stoked I created Sara’s Super may not look like much now but...Give it Time :D

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